Robin L. Schwarz
Creative Writer
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Robin has been writing poetry for friends and family since she was young. Her family encouraged her to write professionally but she never took her writing seriously. Her father's dying wish was that she would do something with her talent. She enrolled in the University of Southern Nevada where she studied under the well-known Author and Actor, Mr. Robert Cawley. After his guidance and encouragement that she had enough talent to become a writer, she won "Best Poems and Poets of 2002".

After submitting songs to Hilltop Records in Hollywood, two of her songs, "Eight Second Ride" and "Doc Johnson" were recorded and released. Robin then became serious and enrolled in several writing classes. Mr. Cawley soon learned she also had a talent to write short stories where she later became the editor and writer of the "Mojave Star Journal" Newspaper in Hesperia, California where she tried to focus on positive stories that came from her hometown.

From the exposure of a successful and well-received newspaper, Robin was asked to start writing personalized words to be given as Gifts. The overwhelming response of laughter and tears led her to believe there is simply no material Gift as powerful as words. Many people know in their hearts what they want to say, but don't have the ability to write it down on paper. Given enough information from a client, she has the talent to transform the information into a Gift of Words, which is guaranteed to bring satisfaction.

Robin is the co-author of the Children's Book "Little Rodeo Ronnie" which has sold over 1,000 copies in it's first printing. "Little Rodeo Ronnie" is a delightful children's book about a little cowboy with a big heart and determination to win. Little Ronnie climbs aboard Tornado, one of the biggest, meanest bucking broncs that has never been ridden. The book has proved to be an excellent gift and often becomes the child's favorate.  Almost every child wants to be a cowboy or a cowgirl and ride a wild horse. Exciting illustrations and a suspenseful story will entertain the reader as they ride along with Little Ronnie in every leap and every turn. A simple book recommended for children six months to ten years of age.

Robin is also currently writing a novel for all ages which includes a collection of her hilarious and well-received column of "The Adventures of Nellie Brown and Deli Dog". Nellie Brown is a cross between Lucille Ball and Mr. Magoo. She is also writing a novel, "The Goldminer's Daugher" which is based on a true story of her vast experience in the Mining Industry with her family  in the middle of Death Valley with no electricity and no water. Her battle with spider bites and deadly snakes chasing her will have you on the edge of your seat. Published Novels to be announced at a later date.

In her spare time Robin enjoys riding her horse "Rooster Cogburn"  in a new sport called Mounted Shooting. She also enjoys entertaining the children and displaying her books on her horse in Colorado Parades. Robin is available to read her poetry in skits dressed in character and performing for audiences of all ages.

BLOGGING address soon to be up and running so you can read some of Robin's Stories and Poetry.

   Robin in Character 
     as Nellie Brown
  Robin riding Rooster Cogburn while shooting ballons with a .45.
  Rooster Cogburn carrying Books
    in Westcliffe, Colorado Parade
     Robin & Rooster
 getting ready to shoot