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Creative Writer
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The client (you) wants to give a loved one a personalized and unique Gift. On the questionnaire page you will simply submit answers to questions and also have the opportunity to write ideas of your own. I take the information you give me and put it into a poem-story format. You will be able to make changes if necessary. My work is guaranteed.

Personalized Poetry for; 
Roasts, Birthdays, Weddings, Funerals, All Occasions. 
A Gift in a Poem Format will contain as many lines as the purchaser requests up to a maximum of 32 written lines. If this Gift is in the form of a Story, it will contain at least 150 words or more depending on the information given by the purchaser and the discretion of the writer. You are guaranteed a personalized, one of a kind, poem or story to do with as a gift as you choose.

Websites or Articles Rewritten.
Have a website or an article already written that just doesn't sound right?  Let me re-write it so it can be understood but still contain the same information.

Short Stories
Information can be submitted in the form of words, sentences, paragraphs or just ideas.

$59.00 One Custom Poem (maximum of 32 written lines).
(Poem to be e-mailed or mailed to client)

$59.00 One Short Story (150 - 300 words)
(Story to be e-mailed or mailed to client)

$10.00 Print on Custom Paper and Lamination 8-1/2 x 11
(after proofreading and final approval)
Custom sizes, no extra charge, includes shipping.

$15.00 per hour for writing:  Websites, Re-writes, Articles

$14.95  Little Rodeo Ronnie Hardcover Book
(plus shipping) (Age six months to ten years old)