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Creative Writer
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  PLEASE WRITE IN whatever applies to your Gift in the questionnaire below. Attachments are welcome. 
  You can cut and paste this questionnaire and e-mail or mail it to Robin.  

  Name of person ordering this gift?

  How can I get in touch with you and keep gift a surprise?

  Full name or nickname of person signing and giving gift?

  Full name or nickname of person I will be writing about?

  In what style(s) would you like your gift to be written?
  (Serious) (Humorous) (Serious and Humorous) (Hillbilly-Hick) (Valleygirl) (Tears) (No Tears) (Romantic)

  What most describes the person we are writing about? (pick as many as you like)
  (Singer) (Dancer) (Movie Star) (Valleygirl) (Cowboy) (Cowgirl) (Snow Boarding) (Snow Skiing) (Water Skiing) (Tennis) (Golfer) (Music) (Other)

  Color of Hair. Color of Eyes. Weight.  Height.

  Children's names?

  Hobbies: (cooking) (knitting) (fishing) (hunting) (watching TV) (other)?

  Favorite Color?  Favorite Food?  Favorite Drink?  Favorite Cocktail?

  PETS: (Horse) (Dog) (Cat) (Other) Name of Pet(s)?

  Vehicle they drive, color, make, is it important to them?

  Religion is a personal preference, would you prefer it to be included or left out?

  INTENTION OF THIS POEM or STORY: (Thank you) (I love you) (Mother's Day) (Father's Day) (Birthday) (Sweetheart) (Friendship)
  (Propose Marriage) (Marriage Vows) (Make-up from a fight) (Having a Baby) (Anniversary) (Getting a prize or award) (Christmas) (Graduation) (Other) ?

  What are you trying to accomplish by giving this poem or story as a Gift?


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